Are Guinea Pigs Scared of the Dark? Myths & Facts!!!

Well, there isn’t an exact or universal response to this question. Guinea pigs typically aren’t scared of the dark. These Caviidae family members are prey animals. To avoid predators, they adore hiding in shadowy locations. They rely heavily on their senses of hearing and smell, yet they are partially blind. But guinea pigs may become quite scared when he hears a sudden sound or witness any movement in the dark.  All you require is an understanding of how you should assist him while observing his behaviour in the dark.  Are guinea pigs scared of the dark? Let’s see!

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of the Dark?

Generally, the answer to this question is “NO.” But it could be “YES” sometimes.

Because they like to hide in dusty locations, you may guess that guinea pigs are not scared of the dark. But consider this. Due to their position at the base of the food chain and their limited sense of depth, cavies have a fragile nature. Finally, they rely heavily on their senses of hearing and scent. Despite being vulnerable to danger, they cannot defend themselves as a result. As a result, guinea pigs may experience fear of the dark, particularly when they perceive danger.

When Do Guinea Pigs Get Scared of the Dark?

The guinea pigs rely on their memories to get around their environment because of their poor vision. So, if your pet is unfamiliar with his environment, he could not feel comfortable.

A cavy’s vision is already poor, but in the dark, it is far worse. Guinea pigs can see a fair amount, but they have poor depth perception. One of the causes of their impaired vision is this. The poor little guy won’t know how to find his hiding place in a new environment. So that he will be scared of the dark at that moment or if it is in actual danger. They are unable to determine height and distance with the same precision that we do.

Moreover, guinea pigs are herd animals, just like goats and cattle. In huge groups, they feel safer. And they become incredibly lonely alone. Thus, if you only have one guinea pig and keep it by yourself, there is a good likelihood that it will be scared of the dark.

If you have a large animal, like a cat or dog, it worsens. Cats and dogs resemble predators to them.

Do Guinea Pigs Prefer the Dark?

Yes, of course, guinea pigs normally prefer the dark, particularly when it’s quiet and peaceful. Hole and tunnel systems are the natural home of wildlife. They prefer to live in holes because holes are concealed and compact enough to deter large animals. Once they feel danger, they often retreat to their hiding places.

Dark areas in their cages are where they prefer to give domestic guinea pigs a place to hide or escape when they feel danger. In actuality, they must be prepared to flee when they feel threatened.

Can Guinea Pigs See in The Dark?

Yes. They can see in the dark, but their ability is limited. Therefore, guinea pigs have other senses to help them explore and move in the dark. Their adaptations and abilities, such as keen hearing and smell and having whiskers make it simpler to see and get comfortable in the dark. They can travel around safely and are fairly at ease in the dark.

Additionally, in general, guinea pigs aren’t known for having sharp eyesight. Even so, when there is any light, they can travel around thanks to their poor vision.

What are Guinea Pigs Scared Of?

  • Loud Noises: Cavies often have good hearing and are able to pick up sounds to 49,000 Hz. Also, they can detect sounds up to three kilometres away! Your pet might become alarmed by sudden, loud, or heavy thumps.
  • Ex: Thunderstorms and even the sound of your TV!
  • People or Strangers: Guinea pigs don’t love the company of people like dogs and cats do, especially when it comes to strangers.
  • They are timid and shy creatures.
  • Predators: Coyotes, wolves, snakes, cats, hawks, and owls are a few examples of natural enemies of guinea pigs. Moreover, cavies frequently mistake larger creatures for predators. If you believe that your dog or cat is a friend to your guinea pig, it is likely that he is scared of them.
  • Surrounded by a New Environment Alone: A cavy feels exposed to risk when he is left alone. Because they are gregarious creatures, guinea pigs typically travel in herds. When left alone, they inevitably experience fear. Therefore, having two of them is preferable.

Can Guinea Pigs See Colour?

Yes. They can see colours. However, they have a dichromatic colour vision, according to the research. This means that while they can see colour, it is not as well as we can, and they are more sensible and responsive to one colour than others. Most guinea pigs are more sensitive to green and can distinguish it from other colours. Yet, there is no conclusive evidence as to what they can and cannot see.

How Far Can Guinea Pigs See?

Guinea pigs have poor vision and are able to see up to three to five feet away. Anything beyond that will remain blurry in their vision. So, they are relying on their remaining senses, such as keen hearing, good memory, and sense, to mask the obstruction.

How Far Can Guinea Pigs See

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

No. They are not. But it is simple to assume that they are nocturnal animals as guinea pigs are primarily awake at night.

These animals are active at dawn and at dusk (twilight).

Guinea pigs typically take 3-10-minute catnaps. If you own one of these, you should be aware of how easily they awaken whenever someone approaches them or when there’s a loud noise.

You must be aware that your pet is possibly awake while you are asleep.

So, providing a secure environment for him is crucial. Provide him with places to hide in his residence.

Moreover, leave some food out for him so that when he gets bored, he can munch on his luscious leaves. Last but not least, maintain his residence in the room’s quietest area so he won’t be easily startled.

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