Can Cats Have Watermelon? The Best Guide

Can Cats Have Watermelon

Are there times when you want to feed your cat something other than kibble or canned cat food? Some people give their cats a little saucer of milk, but you might not know that it’s not a good idea. The truth is that many cats are lactose intolerant, which means that drinking milk can cause an upset stomach, diarrhoea, and other unpleasant things.


Can cats have watermelon?

It’s good that there are many safe options for people who want to share food with their cats. Whether it’s watermelon or cheese, these are some foods that your cat can eat without getting sick. Foods that are on this list should be given in small amounts. Also, checking with your vet before making any changes to your pet’s diet is never a bad idea. This is to be safe.

In the summer, who doesn’t love watermelon? He might like it. It’s a treat that’s usually OK for him to eat, but you need to keep it in check. Because cats don’t eat a lot of fruit, the sugar in the food can make them sick. Watermelon, or any other fruit, should never be given as a meal. For a treat, provide a tiny piece or two. Also, always ensure the seeds have been completely removed to avoid choking if you swallow them.

In this article, I will show you can cats have watermelon and all the things around it. In fact, I will give you a full guide. Let’s dive in!

Is watermelon rind OK for cats?

It’s the flesh, not the rind, that has any nutritional value for cats who eat watermelon. The shell can also be challenging for cats to eat and digest, leading to choking, blocked intestines, or stomach pain. Because of these reasons, it is best to remove the rind from the watermelon before giving it to your cat.

A cup of watermelon has about 9.5 grams of sugar. Cats with diabetes should not eat watermelon. This can make diabetes worse or cause digestive problems, weight gain, and obesity, among other things. Feline diabetes symptoms include a lack of appetite, a lot of thirst, vomiting, constant urination, and not jumping up. Make sure to call your vet if your pet shows these symptoms. They can help you figure out a safe diet for your pet.

Your cat should not eat the rind-like seeds. Eat this fruit’s flesh and not skin if you want to be healthy. The rind of a watermelon is usually challenging, making it hard for cats to chew and eat. These things can cause people to choke or get blocked up in their intestines. Before you feed your cat, you should remove the rind. It’s best to remove the seeds and peel them from the watermelon or serve the seedless types.

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How much watermelon can a cat eat?

How much watermelon can a cat eat

Now that watermelon should only be added as a treat, it should not make up more than 10% of the cat’s food. Cats need a lot of meat and protein in their food, so fruit should only be served once in a while. It would be better to keep your cat healthy if you focused more on high-quality cat food than on cheap food.

The sugar in the watermelon helps it taste sweet. In general, if you put fruit in your cat’s food all the time, it could make them fat or have diabetes symptoms. Raising blood sugar levels too often in cats can have long-term health consequences.

symptoms of diabetes in cats, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine:

  • A lot of thirsts.
  • Urination all the time
  • Lack of hunger
  • People who can’t jump
  • Vomiting

You should contact your veterinarian correctly if you see these symptoms in your pet. They could be the first signs of diabetes in them. If you’re worried about your cat getting too much sugar from other things than fruit, you might want to look at the packages. Some cat treats may have too much sugar and carbs.

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Why do cats love watermelon?

Many cats will turn down the chance to eat watermelon. Not because we don’t like it, but because we don’t care. Cats don’t like watermelon because it’s sweet, but people do. According to PLoS One Genes, a cat’s tongue comprises different parts than other animals’ tongues. The few taste buds that cats have made it hard to taste sweetness. This is why cats don’t always like fruit.


Why do cats love watermelon

You might think that your cat is an exception to this rule because it will happily eat pastries and cakes. Sugar doesn’t make the cat happy. It’s the fact that it likes. You and your pet won’t find sweet foods any more appealing than cat food will be to you. Even if you cut it in half, cats still like watermelon a lot.

Cats may not care about the taste of watermelon, but the smell of ripe fruit may get their attention. Watermelon has the same amino acids as meat, so the aromas are similar. Your cat might eat watermelon. The scent of the fruit will make cats think of small prey. This is what your cat might do with watermelon. They might play with it, make a mess, and not eat anything.

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