Unveiling the Secrets of Guinea Pig Burrows: Beneath the Ground

do guinea pigs burrow

A fluffy explorer has explored the hearts and homes of millions worldwide: a guinea pig. Though there’s no relation with pigs or with the animal kingdom in Guinea, this little rodent attracts global attention toward its existence. These adorable little creatures originated from the Andes in South America. Starting from ancient times, their existence was

Why Does My Guinea Pig Twitch? Find Out Here

why does my guinea pig twitch

We know that you really worry about even a small change in your pets. If you are a guinea pig owner, you might have noticed that your little companion is twitching from time to time. Twitching is one of the most frequent problems in petting guinea pigs, and there are different facts involved in it.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of the Dark? Myths & Facts!!!

Are guinea pigs scared of the dark

Well, there isn’t an exact or universal response to this question. Guinea pigs typically aren’t scared of the dark. These Caviidae family members are prey animals. To avoid predators, they adore hiding in shadowy locations. They rely heavily on their senses of hearing and smell, yet they are partially blind. But guinea pigs may become quite scared when he hears a

Can Rabbits Climb? Discovering the Surprising Truth

can rabbits climb

If you have a rabbit at home, you will realize how soft and delicate, they are built when you pat them. Because of their soft build, they can quickly get hurt and damage their bones, which you might be worried about because you will constantly see them hopping around, jumping, and climbing over places in