Are Guinea Pigs Scared of the Dark? Myths & Facts!!!

Are guinea pigs scared of the dark

Well, there isn’t an exact or universal response to this question. Guinea pigs typically aren’t scared of the dark. These Caviidae family members are prey animals. To avoid predators, they adore hiding in shadowy locations. They rely heavily on their senses of hearing and smell, yet they are partially blind. But guinea pigs may become quite scared when he hears a

Can Bunnies Eat Green Beans? [Health Guide & Issues]

can bunnies eat green beans

Can bunnies eat green beans? This guide will discuss how green beans could impact the wellness of your rabbit. Raising a rabbit also entails taking on the duty of supplying them with wholesome, nourishing food. It can be challenging to identify meals that are healthy for rabbits in addition to those that could damage them