Do Bettas like Blue Light – All You Need to Know? 

Betta fish are getting very popular among owners since they are one of the most attractive fish in the aquatic world. However, when it comes down to taking care of them, the ‘light’ aspect bothers many people with many reservations.

Do bettas like blue light? Do colors affect them in any way? What color is the best choice for a betta tank? Is there anything to keep in mind when choosing a light for your tank? – These question keeps lining up. 

If you are a new betta fish owner or someone genuinely puzzled about the color needs of betta fish, we’ve got you. 

This article will discuss the relationship between betta fish and colors. Keep following us to the end not to miss out on anything. 

The Role of Light in Betta Fish Care 

What is the importance of light in betta fish care? Does it influence the growth and health of the fish? What is the significance? 

According to studies over the years, light is a critical aspect of the life cycle of betta fish. It can directly influence the mental and physical health of the fish. So if you are a betta fish owner, you should be educated well on the context not to make any mistakes and make it hard for your fish. Most of the time, lightning errors can be fatal and lead to the death of the fish. 

Think about it – what’s the natural wild habitat of betta fish like? 

They used to live in murky waters in the canals and paddy fields. The muddy waters are almost dark during the day and even darker at night. And you have the answer right there. 

The Role of Light in Betta Fish Care 

Naturally, betta fish prefer habitats with dark lighting. They are very sensitive to light. Exposure to bright lights can lead to fatal outcomes for their health. The overstimulation to bright and higher light intensities can make them very stressed and result in a complete breakdown. With worsening mental health, they may gradually die. 

People love a good defining color for betta fish tank as it will help exhibit the fish’s stunning outlook. However, what’s more, important is your little fish buddies’ comfort, safety, and happiness. 

Bright colors are a horrible idea for betta fish. In contrast, other dim colors may serve as an ideal hue. 

Different colors impact the fish in different ways. In the latter part of the article, we will go briefly into it. Stay tuned. 

Since betta fish is not a fan of bright lights, people often ask if caring for them in the dark is a great option. 

No. Betta fish do not like bright lights. But that does not mean that they prefer pitch darkness. 

They require sufficient light throughout the day to be energetic and vibrant. During the night, they prefer darkness to rest and relax, just like humans do not want to leave the lights on after getting to bed. It is both unhealthy and un-preferred. 

Therefore, when you choose a light for your betta fish tank, please consider the specific needs of the fish. Go for a suitable color and ensure no light interruption during the night. 

Do Bettas Like Blue Light?

Yes, they do.

Many aquariums and fish owners choose blue as a go-to color for betta fish. Wonder what might be the back story? Do betta fish like blue light?

If we dig deeper, blue light in betta fish tanks has been proven to provide calming effects to the fish.

It also encourages the fish to be energetic and vibrant throughout the day since it imitates the lightening structure of their natural habitats.

Moreover, one of the purposes of fish owners growing betta fish is to show off their beauty. And blue light helps greatly with it. 

It defines the hues and unique beauty of the betta fish precisely and provides an excellent aesthetic to the background.

However, even though betta fish feel great being in the blue spotlight, they will still require you to turn the light off when it is their bedtime. They need to rest and relax to be in good health.

Go for a light with a switch-in timer to make your life easier. As long as you set the timer, it will switch on and off per your settings.

What if you leave the lights on during the night?

It can stress out the fish. Constant exposure to light can increase their sensitivity levels and harm their health. So please be considerate of your little buddies.

What other colors in addition to blue do betta fish like?

Studies have shown that colors such as green, purple, red, and yellow have also positively affected betta fish. As long as the colors are not too bright in the daytime and completely off at night, your fish are safe and sound.

Choosing and Using Blue Light in a Betta Tank 

Once you opt for an artificial blue light system for your betta tank, be consistent with the cycle. Keep the lights on during the day, and turn them off at night.

Most lighting systems these days are equipped to provide the fish with light and nutrients like required vitamins. You will also have zero worries about algae growth in the tank.

If the artificial lighting option bothers you, you can always switch to natural lighting. However, never exposing the fish to direct sunlight would be best. The heat from the sunlight rapidly increases the fish’s temperature levels and leads to death.

If you consider natural light, please place your betta tank with enough sunlight during the day. But not direct sunlight. More the dimness, much the better.

Nevertheless, there is a potential risk of using natural sunlight. Natural light can easily heat the tank and make an ideal environment for algae growth.

Algae in betta tanks are a pain in the neck for you and the fish. It can be harmful to the health of the fish.

So when choosing the right light and color for your betta fish, please consider all the factors and opt for an option that will keep the fish safe and work conveniently for you.

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