Do Guinea Pigs Like Music? [What Owners Need To Know]

Small creatures known as guinea pigs are incredibly popular as pets. There are many queries and factors to consider while keeping guinea pigs as pets. Everyone enjoys music. A work of art is a piece of music. Every composition has timbre, harmony, rhythm, and melody. But can a pet appreciate music as much as a human? Do guinea pigs like music? And what kind of music can they listen to? Keep on reading to know all about your queries.

Can Guinea Pigs Listen to Music?

Our pets play a significant role in our lives. It makes sense to question if guinea pigs love listening to music if you are a music fan. The pet may be exposed to music at some point because we typically live with our pet guinea pigs.

It’s crucial to remember that guinea pigs have very well-developed hearing, first and foremost. Compared to humans, they are far more sensitive to noise and disturbances. They have evolved keen hearing to help them detect possible predators and adapt to life in the wild.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

Although guinea pigs have good hearing, but here comes a question: Do guinea pigs like music? Although there is no scientific proof that guinea pigs appreciate music, many owners think calming music might help their pets unwind. Playing several genres of music and studying your guinea pigs’ reactions will allow you to experiment to see whether they enjoy music and which kind they prefer.

Everything you need to know will be made abundantly evident by your guinea pig’s body language. Guinea pigs have individual likes and musical inclinations, much like people. Music might be liked or disliked by guinea pigs, or occasionally they aren’t in the mood for it.

The following are some indications that your guinea pig is having fun listening to the music you are playing:

  • Closed eyes,
  • Making happy sounds (like purring), eating when music is playing,
  • Jumping into the air, or popcorning
  • Maintaining a typical level of activity.

When music is playing, your guinea pig may get excessively or hyperactive, which might indicate discomfort. Similarly, if your guinea pig doesn’t engage in their usual activities or appears unable to do so, it may also be a clue that they are experiencing some pain while the music is playing.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Afraid of Music Sometimes?

When music is overly loud or has a fast pace, guinea pigs may feel terrified of it. This holds for several other loud and quick, high-frequency sounds. Protecting your guinea pig’s delicate hearing against loud, aggressive sounds like the alarm clock, slamming doors, sub-woofers, loudspeakers, and screaming is always a good idea.

As a guinea pig owner, many different noises could occur that are beyond your control, so you should be aware of them and possibly take steps to reduce their frequency and impact.

What Kind of Music Would be Suitable for Guinea Pigs?

Therapists advise clients to listen to soothing music. On the other hand, some people like loud beats and quick rhythms. Each guinea pig has its personality and set of preferences, much like people.

Not all guinea pigs enjoy music. Or, sometimes, they might not feel like listening to music. Many guinea pig pet owners believe that peaceful music helps their pets feel happy. Perfect music may be soft violins or pianos. You may explore and expose your piggies to various musical styles.

Depending on its disposition, your guinea pig can appreciate music or find it upsetting. Oversee your pets so you may learn more about their preferences. However, we have one bit of advice: never expose your pet guinea pig to loud music.

Compared to humans, guinea pigs have much, much superior hearing. Play music at a very low level and with fewer frequency shifts since their ears are delicate.

What Kind of Music Would be Suitable for Guinea Pigs?

What Volume of Music is Appropriate for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are much more sensitive to sound that people are, as was previously mentioned. A guinea pig can hear sounds between 54,000 and 50,000 Hz. This implies that they may find tension and irritation from loud or high-frequency sounds.

Your guinea pig’s hearing might get damaged by loud, jarring, or base-heavy music like rock, screamo, or anything similar. It is usually preferable to play these types of music discreetly or away from your guinea pigs if you decide to do so.

Therefore, we advise you to listen to music at a volume that you deem moderate sound. Loud enough to be heard but not so loud that you can’t hear it if you leave the room. Since guinea pigs are often gregarious creatures, several guinea pig owners know that they frequently like having music or the radio on for companionship when left alone for long periods throughout the day. If you play soothing music for the guinea pig in the background, ensure it gets turned on very softly.

Unexpectedly, you can discover dedicated playlists for Guinea pigs on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music that include appropriate songs for your pet.

Final Thought

Guinea pigs evolved extremely acute hearing to detect possible predators in the wild. Your small furry pals can hear music, although they may not hear it as we do. You may determine what music they enjoy by monitoring how the guinea pigs behave and listening to various musical styles.

While some guinea pigs like listening to slower rhythms, others prefer relaxing monotone noises. Never play loud music with frequency fluctuations, powerful basses, or loud drumming near your guinea pigs since they have extremely keen hearing and can pick up noises far better than humans. Playing music loudly is never a smart idea since guinea pigs have highly developed hearing and will become stressed by unexpected and loud noises.

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