Do Guinea Pigs Sleep with their Eyes Open? [Squeaks and Nibbles]

Guinea pigs are fascinating little creatures that, under the right circumstances, make wonderful pets and buddies. If you possess a New Guinea pig, you undoubtedly have many inquiries regarding your new animal companion. Among the most frequent queries from guinea, pig keepers are about the animals’ sleeping habits. Do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open?

Observing a guinea pig sleeping with its eyes open is pretty fascinating. Also, it elicits a slew of concerns. How would you tell whether someone is conscious, for example, if they’re sleeping with their eyes wide open? We conducted the study to provide light on one of the most puzzling guinea pig habits. This guide will explore whether they slumber with their eyelids open or shut in more detail.

Quick Summary: The fact that guinea pigs slumber with wide-open eyes is among their numerous peculiarities. Aside from occasionally sleeping when sitting upright, guinea pigs seldom ever shut down their eyes. They have developed this natural protection to avoid becoming a meal for predators outdoors.

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Guinea pigs are frightened, attentive, and wide-eyed small creatures. They have an inherent predisposition always to keep their eyes open. Considering that while they’re living outdoors, these tiny furry fellas are frequently prey for much stronger predators. So let’s look at do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open.

Do Guinea Pigs Sleep with their Eyes Open?

The average duration of a guinea pig’s nap is 3 to 10 mins. They barely get about four hours of sleep each day altogether. They usually maintain their eyes open during sleeping, but occasionally they don’t. Sometimes they slumber with their eyes shut once they are entirely secure or sleepy.

It might be challenging to determine whether your guinea pig is sleeping or awake since they usually slumber with their eyelids wide open. Examining your guinea pig’s physique more closely will allow you to determine whether or not they are asleep. It usually indicates that they are having a brief sleep if they are quiet and motionless.

Your guinea pig would occasionally blink, although you may not see it. They don’t blink as frequently or as frequently as people or certain other animals. It’s because they possess eyelids and eyelashes that shield their eyes from dirt and particles and work to keep them wet for a prolonged period.

They flutter to moisten their eyes whenever they grow dry and to clear any dirt from their eyes.


Humans and numerous other creatures cover their eyelids while they sleep. It safeguards the eyes and aids in mental relaxation. Rodents called guinea pigs are indigenous to the Andes Mountains. They utilized to dwell there in groups of ten or more, eating on the grasslands and woodland borders before becoming our pets.

Guinea pigs were located at the bottom of the dietary chain since they are strict vegetarians and undersized. They served as food for various attackers, including snakes, raptors, wolves, and exotic cats.

Guinea pigs have a variety of predators to worry about, so even while they were sleeping, they had to be on guard. If they weren’t, a predator might wake them up while they were napping. Guinea pigs developed the ability to slumber with their eyes extended.

They could digest sensitive details even when unconscious by resting their eyes wide open. In other words, it enabled them to maintain their vigilance during sleep, which may have meant the distinction between living and death.

Of course, since they are no more wild animals, guinea pigs do not need to be concerned about predators. As the top predators, humans can protect their guinea pigs. The eyelids of the guinea pigs remain open as they sleep. When housed in confinement, guinea pigs do not possess any natural predators, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll quickly develop the ability to shut their eyes while sleeping. The evolutionary process might take hundreds or even hundreds of years.

Sleep Cycle of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs love taking little naps during the daytime, and they do so frequently. They have a high metabolism, which causes them to expend a lot of energy rapidly. As a result, they often require naps to stay up and refuel. Guinea pigs need approximately 9.5–10 hrs of sleep every day to maintain sufficient energy levels and to carry out their daily activities regularly. It’s a significant amount of sleep, particularly considering the likelihood that you’ve not seen your guinea pig doze off.

Guinea pigs don’t nap for long periods. You would never see your guinea pigs napping for more than 1-2 hrs. Since they only require around an hr of REM sleeping to replenish their energy, they will necessitate for the following few hrs. These one-hour napping will get taken numerous times throughout the day, and perhaps they will receive a final tally of 9 to 10 hours of sleeping every day. According to some research, guinea pigs get trained. They have gotten used to our napping habits and may slumber for extended periods or longer at nighttime.

Sleep Cycle of Guinea Pigs

What are the Precautions to Follow?

Guinea pigs frequently remain with their eyes open. Thus there is a considerable risk that something will occasionally become trapped in one of their eyes. You may get alarmed if you see a particle of grass or bedding lodged in your guinea pig’s eye. Your guinea pig may be unable to blink away this substantial eye dirt, which might irritate them considerably.

Bottom Line

So now you know, do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open. So, it’s normal for your guinea pig to close its eyes rarely, so there’s no reason to be concerned. Guinea pigs usually slumber with their eyes wide open, sometimes shutting them to blink. A guinea pig may occasionally close their eyelids to slumber if they feel pretty secure and at peace with its owner; however, this is not typical. Your guinea pig is likely napping if they are completely motionless and have open eyes.

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