Guinea Pig vs Chinchilla – [Care, Food, Shelter & More]

Guinea pigs and chinchillas are house pets. There is too much charm in both rodents. This post explains Guinea pig vs Chinchilla. If you want to add a small furry buddy to your company, you might be debating which rodent to choose.

Guinea Pig 

The guinea pig is one of the most popular little pets. They make the prettiest noises and are simple to care for. Most individuals have some experience with these animals, whether in their house or as a child. 

They only bite when threatened and are easy to care for. Guinea pigs get along well with other rodents and creatures considered prey. Guinea pigs are skilled burrowers. They frequently construct an intricate network of underground nests to store food and provide protection from predators.

What are the Advantages of the Guinea Pig as a Pet?

These pets are adorable rodents that make excellent house pets. Other advantages are:

  • Adoption is less expensive than with chinchillas.
  • Guinea pigs are suitable for children, and the social creature is very high.
  • Simple bathing and sanitizing procedure
  • It is now easier to enter and exit the cage.
  • Rodents have a long lifespan.

What are the Disadvantages of Guinea Pig?

  • Can produce loud noises
  • It can be odorous.
  • Guinea pigs will not generate vitamin C like other animals, making them more prone to diseases.


Chinchillas originated in South America. During the day, chinchillas require a quiet place to rest. They live in large colonies. This assists them in meeting their social interaction needs. They eat whatever they can get their hands on and must be constantly monitored to ensure they do not consume anything unsafe. They have thick fur, which keeps them warm and soft.

What are the Pros of Chinchilla?

  • The most significant advantage of having chinchillas is that they are odourless. You might even neglect your pets in the house if you clean regularly.
  • Playful, collaborative, and one-of-a-kind characters
  • Chinchillas have long lived.
  • Will be alone without incident
  • Chinchillas enjoy socializing and can form bonds with others.

What are the Cons of Chinchilla?

  • Teeth that are constantly growing can cause health problems
  • Chinchillas eat continually.
  • To survive, a particular room temperature is necessary.

Guinea Pig vs Chinchilla

There are differences between these two rodents, Lifespan of a Chinchilla is around 9 to 15 years but Guinea’s live around 5 to 10 years only. Guinea needs 3 to 4 hours of exercise a day, but Chinchilla only needs 1 to 2 hours. The grooming requirements of chinchillas are lower than in Guinea. The average weight of a Guinea pig is 2 to 3 lbs, and the average weight of a chinchilla is around 1 to 2 lbs. Both pets are family-friendly. Guinea pigs need more training experience than chinchillas. Chinchillas have a higher level of activity than guinea pigs.

Details About the Differences Between a Guinea pig and Chinchilla

  • Care

Guinea pigs should be bathed once a month. Frequent nail cutting is also required to reduce the possibility of self-injury.

Chinchillas bathe in dust rather than water. This is due to chinchillas’ thick fur, which is difficult to dry if it gets wet.

  • Food Requirement

Guinea pigs and chinchillas eat related foods that primarily consist of alfalfa and pellets. However, it is critical to understand that chinchilla pellets are unsuitable for guinea pigs.

Chinchillas and Guinea pigs need fresh water, so a plastic water bottle should be kept in the cage.

  • Shelter

Chinchillas move more than guinea pigs. They require a lot of space to run and large cages with different stages and platforms.

Both of them enjoy running, climbing, and hiding in places. While guinea pigs and chinchillas can coexist, they are usually placed in separate kennels.

  • Training

Time to train a chinchilla is more difficult than training a guinea pig. They can be taught to react to their name and perform other tasks. Guinea pigs quickly learn how to respond to their names, by jumping and sitting.

  • Cost

Initially, purchasing a guinea pig will be less expensive than purchasing a chinchilla, owing to the relatively small kennel size required. A one-level cage with fewer accessories will suffice for a guinea pig.

  • Handling

In the early stages of ownership, guinea pigs are less likely to try to escape and are easier to get in and out of the cage. Chinchillas are known to be easily startled, so before getting too cuddly with them, you must first establish a bond and gain their trust.

  • Exercise

Here we look at the Guinea pig vs Chinchilla exercise. Chinchillas get the majority of their exercise from chinchilla wheels. These wheels are a little pricey, but they are well-valued.

Guinea pigs are somewhat unusual. Because of their long shapes, you can’t give them a wheel or other exercise equipment. However, they require daily exercise to keep from turning into full-fledged pigs.

Chinchillas Can Eat Guinea Pig Food? Is it Risky for Them?

Chinchillas should never be fed guinea pig food because they have different nutritional needs. Chinchillas require a lot of water, a lot of hay, and very little fat and sugar.

Which is the Better Pet?

When comparing chinchillas and guinea pigs, everyone can see that both are excellent pets. Both are relatively easy to care for and make excellent companion animals for kids. However, only some cultures are suitable for them. Before investing, it is critical to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the pet.

These are aspects of your pet that you cannot change. Some are minor annoyances, while others are major issues. It all depends on how you live and your ability to adapt.


Both chinchillas and guinea pigs are cute rodents. There are several similarities and differences, too. Guinea pigs are an excellent choice if you are more concerned with their high trainability and cost. When adding a new pet to your community, it is critical to study how it will function in your home. After you’ve purchased your pet, gather all of the supplies they’ll need for their nutrition, start exercising, and cage.

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