Havana Brown Cat Breed: Top Facts and Traits

Havana Brown Cat Breed

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In Fact: Facts and traits

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Havana Brown Cat Breed

So says the story about how the cat got its name: Its fur looks like the wrapper of a good Cuban cigar, or so it was said. Several new cat breeds have been made by crossing the Siamese with other species to get new colors, patterns, or hair lengths. In this case, Havana Brown is one of them.

In the 1950s, British breeders mixed chocolate- and seal-point Siamese with black domestic shorthairs and Russian Blues to make the beautiful chocolate-brown cats with green eyes. There is at least one American cat registry that lists Havanas in lilac. They are called Havanas.

When you look at chocolate-colored cats, their coats are very smooth and rich mahogany color. Lilac Havanas are said to be a color that looks like a mix of pink and gray. Each color has whiskers that match. The cats weigh between 6 and 10 pounds.

Not if you don’t plan to spend much time with your cat. The Havana Brown is friendly, fun, and curious. He wants to spend time with his people and be a part of everything they do. Havana Browns are not for people who don’t like having cats follow them around, so don’t buy one.

The Havana Brown dog uses his paws to look around and get his owner’s attention simultaneously. Interactive toys are his favorite because they keep your attention on him. As long as you brush your dog every week, the Havana Brown’s silky coat doesn’t shed much and is easy to keep clean. The only other grooming needed is to trim your nails and clean your ears every few weeks.


The Havana Brown isn’t as talkative as the Siamese, but he is friendly and likes to talk to his family in a soft tone. With kids, he gets along well. He’s good at any home where he can get the attention and play he needs. Keep him inside to protect him from cars, diseases spread by other cats, and other animals that want to hurt him or kill him.

Are Havana Brown Cats Expensive?

A Havana brown cat costs anywhere from $500 to more than $1,500. The quality of the breed and how old and marked it are also essential. A mixed-breed Havana brown may be available for less at a shelter or rescue group in your area, and its price should be around $50, but it’s not set in stone CatBreedsList says that you can usually get this cat for less than $500, but not less than $300, most of the time.

Well-known breeders know how to care for their cats and are always willing to help you. Show off a health guarantee and give your new pet a health check at a vet’s office. They’ll also give you up-to-date vaccinations and registration papers, as well as basic supplies like food, litter, and a few toys. The cost of Birman cats, Ragamuffin cats, or Munchkin cats might also be attractive to you.

These cats are known to be very pretty. They have dark brown coats that are smooth, slick, and straight. They also have hints of red and green in their eyes. If this medium-sized cat is well cared for, it usually has a strong body.


Are Havana Brown Cats Healthy?

All cats have the chance to get genetic health problems, just like all people have the opportunity to get diseases. Any breeder who says that her dog or cat doesn’t contain health or hereditary issues is either fibbing or not highly knowledgeable regarding the cat.

Don’t buy kittens from a breeder who doesn’t give you health guarantees, says the breed is 100% healthy and has no known problems, or says her kittens are kept away from the central part of her home for health reasons. These dogs are usually healthy. However, they may be more likely to get calcium oxalate stones in their urinary tract.

The best thing to do is buy from a breeder who gives you a written guarantee that the animal is healthy. Please make sure you remember that after you bring a new kitten into your home, you can protect him from one of the most common health problems: being overweight. One of the easiest methods to save a Havana Brown healthy is to keep him at the right weight.

Picture by catbreedslist.com

How Big do Havana brown Cats Get?

Only a few of the Havana Brown cats left in the world. They are hybrids of Siamese and dark-colored domestic black cats, and they end up with a rich, chocolate brown cat. When this cat is small enough to fit in your hand, it has short hair and is strong. It has a triangular head and a square chin.


The Havana Brown cat isn’t very different from other cats except for its warm color, smooth texture, and tendency to be more red than black. The Havana Brown is thought to be active and curious. It likes to explore and look at things with its paws. It wants to play and often forms strong bonds with its owner.

When you look at a typical Havana Brown Cat, its height is 9″-11″ (23-28 cm), and its body length is about 12″-15″ (23-28 cm) (30-38 cm). It usually weighs between 8 and 10 lb (3.6 and 4.5 kg) and lives for about 15 years.

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