How Bad do Guinea Pigs Smell? The Truth About Their Odor!

Guinea pig is one of the most adorable pets in the world. However, it is normal that you have some considerations before adopting a guinea pig because you do not want to suffer from its maintenance. When it comes to the smell of guinea pigs, there are some misconceptions in the pet community.

How bad do guinea pigs smell? You might have this doubt because this animal is similar to rats. Today, we are going to clarify all your doubts in this blog post. So keep scrolling and get the knowledge before becoming a guinea pig parent.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

The guinea pig itself does not have an unpleasant smell because they are generally clean animals. But there are two major causes for the pig to smell bad.

The first thing is the environment where your guinea pigs live. As with any other animal, they need bedding for urine. You should purchase high-quality, effective pet bedding that does not let urine leak.

If you are unable to make proper bedding, there will be urine puddles, and their smell can spread into the atmosphere. And also, you need to replace the hay and other wood shavings because when they become older, their smell is bad.

Guinea pigs can be ill, especially with infections such as fungal and urinary tract infections. Then the smell of urine may be stronger, so you need to take care of them from such illnesses.

How Bad Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

In general, guinea pigs do not smell bad because they usually groom themselves using their paws. Thus, regular bathing is not needed for these pets too.

In fact, a white substance is secreted by their eyes which guinea pigs use to wash their faces. So, you should not misunderstand different conceptions in the pet world and change your decision to adopt a guinea pig. But you need to maintain the good condition of their cages.

You especially need to clean their urine and refresh the bedding. Moreover, you should pay attention to the diet of your guinea pig. If they get sick, they are unable to groom themselves.

How to Reduce Guinea Pig Odor

How to Reduce Guinea Pig Odor? 

In order to keep a good atmosphere around your pet, you should follow these tips.

First of all, the cage of your guinea pig needs your attention. It is vital to make bedding that can absorb the pig’s urine and dry quickly. Thus, it would be better to avoid paper shreds as the bedding. There are some good quality products in the market that are made of fleece, so you can buy such a bedding.

The second thing is your pig’s health. Make sure to keep the cage clean because the flies can attract the cage and eventually infect the pig’s skin.

And if your guinea pig has longer hair, it needs some additional grooming, unlike short-haired guinea pigs. Then you will need a suitable shampoo to give him a quick bath. Make sure to rinse the water and dry the pig very well.

Can Guinea Pig Odor be a Sign of an Underlying Issue? 

Yes, sometimes your guinea pig can smell bad due to an underlying health problem. When there are some infections or illnesses, your pig cannot groom himself properly.

Sometimes, they can have tumors that lead to the spread of a bad smell. Bumblefoot and dental issues are other health problems that guinea pigs suffer and create a bad smell.

And you should provide them with suitable food because when they do not get enough nutrients, the pig’s fur turns dry and can have skin issues. And provide enough water; otherwise, their urine will have a strong odor.

How Bad do Guinea Pig Cages Smell? 

The smell of a guinea pig’s cage is determined by the cleanliness of the cage. When you create bedding for pig’s urine, you need to use a fast-absorbing material. Otherwise, the soggy bedding will always smell bad. And do not keep the food particles inside the cage because flies and other insects can attract them. Moreover, place the cage in a proper place that receives some light and pure air then the urine smell will not last at all. Although you do not wash the pig, it is necessary to clean the cage regularly.

Do Guinea Pigs Smell When Kept Indoors? 

There is no such issue if you keep your guinea pig inside. Most pig owners like to keep them indoors because they can pet the pig whenever they like. And also, the owners can pay attention to their pets always. But it would be better to provide enough ventilation for the cage. Otherwise, their urine smell can remain whenever you miss the cleaning.

But if you are uncomfortable keeping your pigs inside, you can make a safe outdoor cage. But make sure to provide them with enough warmth in the winter season.

Do Guinea Pigs or Rats Smell Worse? 

Rats’ smell is stronger when compared with guinea pigs. Even though rats are smaller than guinea pigs, their urine has a stronger smell. In general, rats are clean animals. But according to the environment they live in, they can become filthy and smell bad. If you wish to adopt a rat, it is necessary to provide good bedding, just as for guinea pigs. And they can have some infections, too, so you should provide your rat with a healthy diet and essential medicine to keep them healthy.

How to Manage Guinea Pig Odor in Small Living Spaces? 

You need to be wise when you choose a place for your pig’s cage. If the space is small, a bad odor can remain for a long time. First, make sure to use a good material as the bedding. Our recommendation is fleece because it can absorb the urine faster as well as dry quickly. They can be reused as well.

And make sure to clean the cage accessories once in a while because they can become dirty too. It would be better to wash the pig’s cage at least once a month. But do not use a cleaner that has a strong smell because the pig will be uncomfortable.

If you follow these tips, there will not be a bad odor, even in a small living space.

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