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How to Discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Today you’re going to see how to discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

In Fact: In this article, we will learn Rhodesian Ridgeback behavior problems and tricky solutions for them! also we will discuss how to discipline your Rhodesian Ridgeback.

First of all, what do you know about Rhodesian Ridgeback’s behavior? If knowing nothing? No problem! End of this article you will definitely know a lot of things you didn’t know about disciplining a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

As dog owners, we must think about the discipline of our dogs. It is a very important fact. Usually, different kinds of dogs can have different kinds of discipline and some unique behaviors. These things can be good or bad. So, in that case, we should find their behavior problems and we must get rid of them.

Specifically, I will show you Rhodesian Ridgeback behavior problems, how you remove bad behaviors from them, and all the facts around it.

Let’s dive right in.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large, smart, and very powerful dog breed. Because of their very well hunting ability, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is famous as an African hunting dog. Because of these things Rhodesian Ridgeback can be stubborn.

So, in the rest of the article, you’re going to see Rhodesian Ridgeback’s common behavioral problems and the reasons for these problems one by one. Especially, how to discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback for living happily with the dog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Behavior Problems

Before developing the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s discipline, we must know about their behavior problems and how to deal with these problems. Let’s see them one by one!

1. Barking

All the dogs are barking. It is a common thing and especially it is their language. So, we cannot stop barking completely. But some dogs can be overly barking and that is the problem. Because Rhodesian Ridgeback is a powerful dog, they may have this problem.

In the fast Rhodesian Ridgeback is used to hunt powerful animals like lions, boar, and bears. Because they inherit those traits, these conditions can occur in them. However, over-barking can be a big problem for dog owners.

So, let’s see what we can do to reduce over barking!

  • Train them since you get them.

It is a fact! That we know that what we have learned in childhood helps us. And after practicing something since childhood, it becomes a normal thing for us. It is also common in the animal world.

When you get a dog, you must train the dog to good habits and good behaviors. If you are training them since they were a puppy, it’s beneficial for success feature. As well as, if you postponed training, it is difficult to train. Because of that, do the correct training since you get it. It is very helpful for disciplining a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Not only Rhodesian Ridgeback. This can apply to every dog or every animal!

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  • Identify their body language

Identify and use different ways to communicate with them. If they have body language signals, you can be familiar with the language and try to understand what they trying to do or say. Because of that dog does not need barking. It is very helpful for reducing over barking.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Behavior Problems

If you don’t understand body language, then they are barking. Because they want to communicate with you in any language. So, you should identify their body language. Then you can train further in body language.

  • Use some chastise tips

You can connect their bad behaviors with things that they don’t like.

For example, if they over barking for not any reason, you can spray some water on them. When doing this for a while they know and train for this.

2. Chasing

Rhodesian Ridgeback is chasing another animal is not a trivial matter. Because they are very powerful dogs, we must handle their behaviors. They can be aggressive to other animals. However, you must handle this behavior.

You can try the following tips to handle chasing:

  • Train your Rhodesian Ridgeback. Training is a very important fact to develop the discipline of Rhodesian Ridgeback.
  • Hang a bell around the dog’s collar. Then you can find where the dog running. It can be a good signal.
  • Training them to play and stay with other animals. It will help to develop the socialization skills of your dog.
  • Stay tuned and supervise your dog’s body language.

3. Guarding the Food

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a powerful hunting dog. So, guarding the food can be a common behavior problem. These dogs are used to competing for food when food is scarce. Sometimes this can happen even with objects in the home.

Specially, you should not punish them!

Guarding food behavior problem develops from when they are little puppies. For example, they compete for milk when they are little. Stronger dogs consume more milk. They make them grow into a habit.

If food guarding behavior problems in your puppy, try some of the following:

  • While feeding the puppy, talk to them lovingly. Give a loving touch so that the food does not interface.
  • First, add the less food to them and gently touch them and add a little more food while the puppy is eating.
  • If these behaviors are beyond your control, it is better to seek the advice of a dog trainer.

4. Stubborn Nature

Are Ridgebacks Stubborn? Yes. This is a common thing for Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. Instinctively they are somewhat suborning dogs. One powerful reason for their stubborn behavior is they are naturally like to be alfa.

Discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback

These conditions can be avoided by correcting their behavior from an early age. But since they have this behavior from birth, we cannot eliminate it. Instead, it is better to control those behaviors.

You always show love to the dog. Minimize the chances of them showing off their stubborn behavior. However, if the dog’s stubborn behavior is beyond your control, you should seek the advice of a dog trainer.

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5. Being over-energetic

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very powerful and large dog breed. Also, they are a very energetic breed.

Male Rhodesian Ridgeback can reach a height of 25 – 27 inches and a weight of 85 pounds. Females can reach a height of 21 – 26 inches and a weight of 70 pounds.

In the fast, Rhodesian Ridgeback is used to hunt lions and bears! I think you can understand their power. As well as Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are a very smart dog breed. So, they are naturally energetic dogs.

However, you can try the following tips to handle over-energetic in Rhodesian Ridgeback:

  • Be sure to strain them daily. For that, you can use walking exercises as well as sports like throwing balls.
  • Give them food as a gift after a long workout or fatigue.
  • Always keep items like toys that they like to play with near them.

6. Aggression and Destructiveness

Is Rhodesian Ridgeback aggressive? They do their best to protect what belongs to them. In that case, they can be aggressive. So, it is their common behavior. Because of this, they can be very aggressive to strangers. Rhodesian Ridgeback breed brings aggression and destructiveness from birth.

However, with the proper training, these behaviors can be minimized. Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be aggressive in different situations. But some aggressions can be symptoms of neurological disorders. Because of these things, it is better to meet a veterinarian for the aggression behaviors.

How Hard Is It to Train a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

If the veterinarian says there are not any symptoms, it is a dog’s behavioral problem. You can take advice for his problem from a veterinarian. Or you can meet an experienced dog trainer and get advice to minimize these behavioral problems.

Aggression is a big behavioral problem! So, you must get a solution as soon as possible. If not, the situation can be dire!

However, you need to find out the cause of the aggression and get a solution for the problem as soon as possible. We must calm our angry Rhodesian Ridgeback. So, I recommended that you seek the advice of a veterinarian or an experienced trainer.

7. Strong Chasing Instinct

Because Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are aggressive and instinctive, it is common for them to chase other animals. Chasing is in their genes. But we should be reduced Rhodesian Ridgeback’s angry and chasing behavior. Rhodesian Ridgeback tries to dominate when he is with other dogs. They are like to be alfa.

You can try the following things to train your Rhodesian Ridgeback:

  • Always keep the dog under control. This can be done by applying a collar. It is a much safer course of action for most chasing dogs, such as Rhodesian Ridgeback.
  • Put a bell on the dog’s collar. This allows some animals to be protected from the dog. It also helps you stay focused with the dog.
  • Do the exercise for the dog regularly. This will reduce the chasing because they fatigue.
  • Study and try to understand the dog’s body language. This will allow you to easily identify what the dog is preparing to do. Then you also have the chance to prevent or change the behavior.
  • Change the dog’s focus. This will help you to stop chasing. You can focus the dog on what he likes or what he eats.

8. Growling

Rhodesian Ridgeback growling at other dogs and sometimes at strangers. If they are growing to other dogs, don’t be afraid, it is a common thing. We must remember that is their language.

If your Rhodesian Ridgeback growling in front of a person, you must be careful here!

There are several things you can do to avoid these problems.

  • Divert his attention.
  • Show him love and kindness often.
  • Get some small food when he growls. But do not overdo it!
  • Make it clear that you do not want a growler.

How to Discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Now you know what the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s behavior problems are and how to reduce these things. So, I’m going to show you more beneficial instructions to discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

When your Rhodesian Ridgeback makes a mistake, don’t hesitate to prevent it. It is easy to discipline your Rhodesian Ridgeback when you’ve been able to correct those mistakes. This can be done by pulling on the dog’s leash once to get the dog’s attention.


Always you must train your Rhodesian Ridgeback for good habits. It is very important to discipline Rhodesian Ridgeback. It is good if you can hang a bell on this collar. Then you can give attention to the dog.

When Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Calm Down

As well as you must identify their body language. It is a more valuable thing to make better discipline your Rhodesian Ridgeback.

If you find it difficult to control your dog’s bad behavior, you should immediately go to a veterinarian or trainer.

How Do you Stop a Ridgeback from Biting?

This should be trained on the calf from an early age. If the puppy bites you, raise your voice, walk away, and ignore them. You need to feel them that you do not like that activity over and over again.

How Hard Is It to Train a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Somewhat difficult. Rhodesian Ridgeback is very intelligent and learns quickly. But they have a unique and stubborn mind. So, it can be a little difficult to train them.

If you can do the training properly, you can do easily fasting training.

When Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Calm Down?

Because Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very aggressive dog, it is difficult to calm down them. But proper training can calm down the Rhodesian Ridgeback. A Rhodesian Ridgeback is an active and energetic dog since they are little age.

FAQ – How to Discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback

1. Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Dangerous?

No. Rhodesian Ridgeback is not a dangerous dog breed.

2. Can Ridgebacks be Aggressive?

Yes. They can be aggressive. But if you train the dog, you can minimize aggressive behavior.

3. Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Good with Other Dogs?

Yes. I think they are good with other dogs. But sometimes they happen to be alpha. This dominance can lead to conflict.

4. Why Does My Rhodesian Ridgeback Bite Me?

The most common reason why Rhodesian Ridgeback bites you is teething.

Read here how to minimize this behavior.

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