How to Make a Digging Box for Rabbits? Encouraging Natural Behavior!

Do you know what the hobby of rabbits is? I think it is digging! Ha-ha, just kidding! Rabbits prefer digging as much as they prefer eating. Have you ever tried to stop their digging by filling the holes with stones and other hard materials? If you tried, I’m sure you have failed, as they have found another place to dig! So, the easiest way to avoid the creation of many holes around your yard is to create a digging box for them. How to make a digging box for rabbits? Read this article, and you will find the answers to your questions. 

Why Do Rabbits Need a Digging Box?

Rabbits are innocent creatures who like to hop everywhere and play whenever they are happy. And digging is also an activity they enjoy to the fullest! Digging is a part of their natural behavior, and you can’t stop it or avoid that from happening.

Therefore, your rabbit needs a digging box to ensure that your pet does not get any harm and he experiences his freedom in the way he likes the most.

The digging box will be an exercise for the rabbit to burn extra calories and feel at home in it without any danger or harm while providing enrichment.

How to Choose the Right Container for a Rabbit Digging Box?

When choosing a container for your rabbit, there are a few factors to consider to determine that box is the right container for your pet.

  • Size: You have to see whether the box size you choose fits the rabbit correctly. Your pet should comfortably stay in it while digging and sniffing around.
  • Type of Container: The container should be made out of a material like cardboard, a natural wicker basket and chewable wood. Because then it is easy for rabbits to play, dig and chew the items around. It might be injured if you use a material like metal for the digging box.

By considering these factors mainly, choose the right container for your rabbit’s digging box wisely.

What Bedding Material is Suitable for a Rabbit Digging Box?

I recommend crumpled or shredded paper materials as the most suitable bedding material for a rabbit digging box. We must consider the safety of our innocent friend and the convenience of cleaning the digging box when finding suitable digging material.

Other than paper, we can use hay and pieces of fabric also. Don’t use too much hay, or they will think that it is a litter box as well. Use cotton and linen fabric, and avoid polyester as they are made with plastic fibers.

If you have a larger area to place the digging box and if you don’t mind when that place gets messy and dirty, you can add snow, dirt and sand to the digging box as well.

As bunnies chew the items while digging, avoid adding anything that might hurt their digestive tracks. Materials such as cardboard, paper and some fabric with natural fibers are okay for them.

How to Make a Digging Box for Rabbits?

So, here is the way to make a digging box for rabbits that is comfortable and safe.

  • First Step: Choose a box that your rabbit can dig around comfortably. So, it should be at least larger than twice his body. The measurements should consider length as well as width. Also, the side of the box should be large enough for the rabbit to hop in and out.
  • Second Step: Choose a box that is made with safe material for the rabbit. Cardboard boxes, wicker baskets, and plastic washing-up bowls are suitable for them.
  • Third Step: Put suitable digging materials or fillers into the digging box. Shredded paper, packing paper, hay, chewable wood and twigs are some of the best fillers. When putting packing paper, avoid bubble wraps and manmade artificial packing fillers.
  • Last Step: Don’t forget to add some treats like pieces of seedless apples, bananas, berries, pellets and dried herbs. Also, hide some chewable toys as well!  

What Do you Put in a Rabbit Dig Box?

Other than the fillers for the digging box, you should hide treats and toys for your rabbit. For the fillers, it is good to use shredded papers, hay and fabric, as we discussed earlier. And for the treats and toys, you can use items that your rabbit prefers mostly.

This includes dried herbs, pellets and some dried or small amounts of fresh fruits like berries. Hide them among the bedding materials, and while digging, your rabbit will be able to find them and treat themselves.

Use some small chewable toy items that he likes to play with. This will bring pleasure to him while digging.

What is the Best Material for a Rabbit Dig Box

What is the Best Material for a Rabbit Dig Box?

The best material for a rabbit digging box is cardboard. A cardboard box is the best as a digging box. You can easily replace the box if it is chewed hard. And clean it as well. Make sure the box is free of paint, types of glues, staples and sticky tape as the rabbit is chewing the box while digging.

Instead of a cardboard box, you can also use wicker baskets. They are not easily damaged easily by chewing and are also good for rabbits’ teeth and the digestive tract as well.

Plastic washing-up bowls are another material that is suitable for a rabbit digging box. But when choosing a plastic bowl and a wicker basket, make sure that you properly made the entrance to it so that your rabbit can hop in and out easily.

How to Introduce and Encourage Rabbits to Use the Digging Box?

Following are simple methods to introduce and encourage rabbits to use the digging box

  1. Use a lot of shredded paper pieces to fill up the box and sprinkle some food items they used to eat a lot.
  2. Hide some favorite food of your rabbits, such as berries, pieces of apples or bananas, around the digging box.

So, when you get him near the box, the smell of the treats will make them dig. And when they get used to it, they won’t stop digging! Always keep in mind to clean the box at least once a week because, with time, there might be waste materials as well.

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