How To Post Pets On Craigslist? A Beginner’s Guide

So how to post pets on craigslist? This guide will explain the process of posting an ad and transferring over your pet to its homeowner using this platform.

Do you remember the adage “a dog is a fantastic companion”? The majority of us have animals as pets. How can you resist a dog as a friend since they are such a loving, compassionate, and joyful buddy? Additionally, there are dogs whose guardians can no longer care for their requirements.

It causes them to look for alternative dog entrants or their holders’ passed away. As a reason, many end up offering their dogs on Craigslist. The Craigslist service is an excellent destination for dogs seeking a new home, a new family, or a buddy. This website aims to protect joyful dogs. 

Quick Summary: To offer your dog’s possible owners a sense of how your dog appears, you might need to post an ad initially. This ad should include numerous crisp images of your pet. You also have details about your pet’s age, looks, vaccination status, and temperament.

Read more about the process in detail.

Pet relocation can be challenging, particularly if you like your animal companion. Users may post classified advertisements for almost anything on the website forum known as Craigslist. Regrettably, the webpage guidelines do not permit selling dogs on the internet. In their selling area, it gets explicitly noted that selling pets is against the law.

As an alternative, they have developed a process known as rehoming in which the sales get conducted. Pet proprietors who want to rehome their animals can get around the law by finding a suitable adoptive home for them for a nominal fee. Let’s look at how to post pets on craigslist.

How to Post Pets On Craigslist?

The four stages to offering your pet on Craigslist are as follows.

Create an Ad

You could use your legitimate email address to submit free advertisements on the craigslist website. List every piece of critical data on your pet. A little homing cost of approximately $50 might also get specified as a fee. A prospective animal offender gets deterred from replying to your advertisement when you charge a minimum deposit.

Investigate buyer

Additionally, people could contact or email you personally in response to your advertisement on the Craigslist website. Ask your prospective clients why they desire to acquire and what sort of protection they could offer for your dog before moving forwards with the adoption process. Ask prospective adopters if they possess expertise in caring for a dog comparable to yours. It is one way to ensure that your pet is in excellent hands during this procedure.

Consider each response from a possible adopter, and pay attention to anybody who provides a hazy or evasive justification for wanting the animal. You could move on to the steps outlined if you’re already pleased and believe your prospective parent is the right fit for your pet.

Home Check

With your prospective adopter, you might ask to see their house. Don’t search for a new home for your dog if the person you asked to adopt it declines. It’s possible that the person who will take your dog in as a pet has anything to conceal or has other plans for it.

If your prospective adoptive agrees to a house inspection, bring a friend with you. If the prospective adopter has young kids or other animals, only leave your animal in their care if they seem at ease and secure near them.

Home Check


You could now release your companion to their new home if your prospective buyer succeeds in the three processes mentioned above. If all works out as planned, share your pet’s schedule with the new owners so they can adopt it, and your dog will become accustomed to it immediately.

Then, provide them with your companion’s medical data and sign an agreement promising to retrieve it if something goes terribly to it. Also, follow up with your dog weekly to determine how they are doing. Your ad would then automatically lapse seven to six weeks after posting.

Rules to Follow

Due to unanticipated events such as employment or housing loss, sickness, or accident. You may have to transfer your pet permanently. It is expensive to manage your dog’s wellness, particularly for high-breed canines. For it to appear excellent, proper maintenance and inspections are required. Below are some guidelines for using Craigslist to locate a new environment for your dog.

Brief Description

Include your dog’s medical records, present status, and whether or not it consumes any medications when describing your dog’s disposition. You may also include the foods, toys, and games that your dog prefers and dislikes. Also, tell your pet’s unique qualities and why they should acquire them.

Adoption Contracts 

For how to post pets on craigslist, a contract signature is a final requirement. You should prepare a written agreement stipulating that the new owner will take good care of your pets.

  • It is an assurance that they would provide the pet with appropriate food, water, housing, and medical attention. The animal will not be assaulted or shackled, either.
  • A promise that, after six months, the former owners could see their pet to confirm that it is receiving exceptional care.
  • The pet must not get taken to a sanctuary that puts adoptable pets to death.

Bottom Line

Rehoming a pet is perhaps the most stressful period, especially if you are very devoted to your dog. But, there are moments when we must leave behind those emotions for them to be good. We all want the best for our pets. They require adequate care and attention, just as we do to live healthier. So put your pets up for adoption if you discover it is harder to handle them. Ensure they are in capable care whenever it is appropriate for them to get rehomed.

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