Rescue Puppy Finally Finds Perfect Dad

A rescue puppy was returned several times until he met the perfect dad. Despite many setbacks, the puppy’s patience paid off. When the right person came, they formed a strong bond. This heartwarming story shows that finding the perfect match can take time.

Everyone loves puppies, no matter the breed! These cute little furballs bring joy and fun to our lives. Sadly, not all puppies find their forever homes on the first try. Many are returned to shelters, waiting for the right family. Despite setbacks, they stay playful and loving, hoping to bring happiness to someone. This shows how important it is to give rescue puppies a second chance. Every puppy deserves a loving home and the opportunity to be cherished.

Abe and Addie, two dog siblings, were rescued as strays and sent to new homes. Addie quickly found her perfect family, but Abe was returned to the shelter. Lonely and sad, Abe’s eyes asked, “When will I find a loving family?” Despite his sadness, Abe stayed hopeful. Finally, his patience paid off, and he found his forever home. 

Perfect Pairing

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John Handem Piette, a senior video editor at The Dodo, saw Abe when he was brought back to the shelter. Abe’s foster, Jordan, brought him to John’s office. After Abe returns from his first home, John notices Abe’s eyes, which catch his attention. This moment starts a strong bond between John and Abe, leading Abe to find a new, loving family. Abe had the kindest, saddest eyes that spoke volumes. Everyone at the office loved him, but Abe longed for a home to call his own. Despite his friendly nature, he yearned for unconditional love.

He found a new home once, and everyone at The Dodo was thrilled, hoping it was forever. Sadly, Abe’s second adoption didn’t work out, leaving everyone who cared about him heartbroken. Despite it all, Abe stayed hopeful and gentle, showing resilience through every setback. His story showed how tough it can be for rescue dogs, even with their loving personalities. It taught patience and perseverance in finding the right home for a pet. Abe’s journey touched many hearts, reminding of the dedication of those who work hard to find every animal a home. 

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John noticed Abe had returned from his second home and wanted to understand why. So, he decided to foster Abe himself. John was committed to helping Abe overcome his issues and was determined to work through them together.


John and his girlfriend took Abe, now called Bean, to their apartment in Brooklyn, New York. At first, Bean was anxious and started destroying things around the house. Instead of getting upset, John and Christina understood that Bean had severe problems and decided to be patient. They slowly worked with Bean to help him feel more secure and loved. Their goal was to give Bean a safe and stable home where he could get better and be happy.

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After a few weeks, Bean started to reveal his real self. He got used to their apartment and grew close to John and his girlfriend. However, when Covid hit, they had to leave Brooklyn for John’s parents’ home in New Hampshire. This change was challenging for Bean, yet John and his girlfriend stayed by his side, offering him the care and affection he needed to settle into his new environment.


The couple wasn’t sure how Bean would adjust, but something amazing happened after a few weeks at John’s parents’ home in New Hampshire. Bean turned into a different dog in their big yard. He loved hanging out with his two new cat siblings, Tigger and Simba.

At first, Simba warmed up to Bean’s playful nature. But Bean and Tigger quickly became best friends. Their bond made everyone happy and helped Bean feel home in his new surroundings. Moving from the busy city to the quiet countryside was perfect for Bean. He had lots of space to run and play and enjoyed being with his furry siblings. The couple was thrilled to see Bean doing so well in his new life, surrounded by loving pets who accepted him just as he was. Bean loved his temporary home, having fun in the snow and swimming.

Bean’s Happy Adventures

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Bean and his family thrive in Brooklyn after facing challenges during the Covid era. Despite those tough times, Bean loves visiting his grandparents and hanging out with his cat friends. He’s known for his happy personality and loves exploring every day. Bean’s journey from uncertainty to being a cherished family member taught them about staying strong and never giving up. John is thankful they found each other, and that Bean has changed their lives for the better despite some rough patches at first.


Source: @john_bean_thedodo


Bean enjoys making memories with his owners daily, going on walks, travelling, and having fun together. John and Christina cherish him as a source of joy and positivity, even during difficult times. Bean’s adventures are shared on his Instagram for everyone to see.

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