What Do Guppies Eggs Look Like? Facts You Need To Know!!!

What do guppies eggs look like? Let’s find out. Guppies, also known as rainbow fish is, a very popular tropical freshwater fish. These guppies live for 2 to 3 years on average. The guppies can live up to 5 years if properly taken care of. These fish can live harmoniously with much other fish in the same water. At the same time, guppies, unlike koi fish, are easy to maintain. Guppies are small fishes that need a small amount of food. The guppies breed every 30 days. Many female guppies give birth between 10 to 20 weeks, and the males tend to mate at seven weeks of age.


Where Do Guppies Lay Their Eggs?

Guppies are livebearers, which means guppies do not lay eggs. So, the guppies do have eggs, but they are stored inside their body. Only the guppy fries will be released from their body, not the eggs when hatched. When the guppy is close to giving birth, the guppy has dark gravid spots and a belly that is angular.

When they are about to give birth, they avoid eating, often hide, and stay in one spot. The unborn guppies inside the body are seen as black spots, and the guppie female should be placed in a separate space or tank to protect the newborn.

How Do I Know If My Guppy has Eggs?

Since guppies reproduce through internal fertilization, the appearance of the external features of the guppies will indicate a pregnant female. The female guppy will have a bulge in the belly. This bulge will expand as the guppies grow inside. And as the female takes around a month to give birth to the fry, we can observe a gravid spot close to birth. This is a dark spot close to its butt.

This gravid spot will either be orange or black initially, and as the belly grows, the color gets darker in shade. When you start observing the little dots on the gravid spot, you know it’s close to birth. These tiny dots are the guppy babies’ eyes. 

When the female is pregnant with the babies, we can see how the guppy always chooses a spot to rest for a long time, is unmoving, does not eat much, and prefers to rest a lot.

What Do Guppies Eggs Look Like?

Guppies, as discussed earlier, do not lay eggs. These eggs are inside the belly until fully formed and hatched. Sometimes we do observe guppies laying eggs, and these eggs are fries that did not hatch.

These are the unhatched eggs that remained inside the guppy. These are guppy fries that failed to form fully into healthy fish. Such fries are weak and cannot survive for long. The guppy eggs look like any typical fish with a black spot inside a circular egg. This black spot is the eye. 

How Long Do Guppies Eggs Take to Hatch?

The guppies can fertilize for up to 8 months, even after the male is dead. It only takes a few weeks from birth for a guppy female to get pregnant. If not separated from the male guppies, the female can give birth every month throughout its lifespan.

It takes 21 to 30 days for gestation. This, on average, depends on the cleanliness inside the tank, the temperature, and the health condition of the female. So, on average, it takes 30 days in total to hatch. That is to give birth to the guppies.

How Long Do Guppies Eggs Take to Hatch?

Where Do Guppies Give Birth?

Guppies do not have a specific location to give birth. But when they are close to giving birth, female guppies look for a hiding spot. They hide in and around rocks and plants inside the tank. If the guppy cannot find a hiding spot, it usually lies at the bottom end of the tank until they give birth. So, you can observe a female guppy at any bottom corner of the tank when they are close to giving birth. The guppies are born curled into a small ball. The healthy and strong ones can swim immediately, while the weaker ones may not survive long. 

What do Guppy Babies Look Like?

The guppy babies look like small curled-up balls. Female guppies can have around 50 to 60 babies at a time. These guppy babies look transparent and tiny, and as weeks pass by, they start getting color.

They have black beady dots for the eyes. They will take around six months to grow into a full-sized guppy. For the young growing guppies, the appropriate temperature is around 80 degrees. There will be around 200 babies born at once. It takes 4 to 6 hours to give birth to all the fry. Sometimes it can take up to 12 hours, depending on the condition.

What does It Look Like When a Guppy Gives Birth?

The major indication of a guppy being ready to give birth is the angular-shaped belly and the gravid dark spots on its body. They often hide from our sight when they are about to give birth. They will be seen hiding behind shells, rocks, and plants in the tank. When it is very close to giving birth, it can often be seen in the bottom of the tank at any corner. They refuse to have food when giving birth. They give birth to at least 200 babies at one time.

Guppies are aggressive when about to give birth. The contraction can be observed when giving birth. They will swim in one spot. They show rapid breathing, shivering, or shaking. As the live-bearing is very close, the gravid spot gets darker, indicating it’s close to giving birth. Ensure to provide the female with a water temperature between 78-to-80-degree Fahrenheit.

Separate the female guppies and keep them in a separate tank when giving birth. Try feeding them at least four times a day in small portions. Once the guppies are born, keep them away from the adult guppies, including their mother. The adult guppies eat the fry easily. 

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