Why Do Betta Fish Disappear? Uncovering the Possible Explanations!

The vibrancy of the Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish or else Betta Splendens, is a native fish in southeast Asia commonly found on the sea coast of the countries like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and much more. This fish originated from the line of the genus Betta which holds a special place with its colorful amusements and low maintenance requirements. Thus these Betta fish are known to be a popular showcase in most of today’s aquariums. However, despite being too low-key and colorful, this fish has some weird habits. “Why do Betta fish disappear?” is one of those questions about their peculiar behavior, which will be discussed in this article.

Is It Normal for Betta Fish to Disappear at Times?

A Betta fish is equivalent to the ambivert mundane who acts introverted in some situations while being extroverted around the comfort they desire. Thus this feature also showcases this type of behavioral pattern.

Most of the time, the fish appears to be an introvert in the early stages of their cage. Hence, most of the Betta fish seem to hide when first introduced to a new territory. However, once they get comfortable, they are very friendly and even can be trained if given an effort.

However, if you know whether hiding is a normality for this kind of? The normal answer will be No. However, if you have provided the fish with every possible comfort and the precise living conditions underwater, and yet if the fish seem to hide, it will be just the fish and its personality. Thus, in such instances, you could relax because this hiding could also be a personality trait.

Why Do Betta Fish Disappear?

The comprehension of the normal behavior of the Betta fish has led us to understand why your Betta fish could be disappeared. Thus in this segment, we will be looking at those causes that persuaded your Betta fish to disappear on you.

Thus here are some of the reasons that you might want to look out to prevent something like this from happening again.

First of all, one of the prominent reasons your Betta fish would disappear is because of the unfamiliarity of their environment.

It will take some time to adjust once you introduce the Betta fish to new environments, hence why they would disappear out of the blue.

Then comes the predators. When you pair the new fish for the aquarium, if you have placed any alpha fish in the territory, it will highly threaten the Betta fish’s survival as they are known to be super aggressive. Thus as a safety measurement, the Betta fish will disappear, which means hide.

The water condition also affects the fish. Therefore if you have not done the correct amount of research before placing the fish, you will be found with a disappeared fish.

Therefore ensure that you have provided accurate water conditions, Ph. values, the correct amount of food, enough closure in the form of decoration and amiable pals to melt in with.

Moreover, if your fish has a hard time dealing with stress and a depressed mind, it will usually like to be alone in its own space, which will be the best for them. Thus the separation anxiety and the unfamiliar environment will increase its stress which will cause its disappearance.

Furthermore, if your fish have any disease like “ich,” your fish will be accustomed to hiding most often. Thus on such occasions, you have to find the fish and treat it to its good health.

How to Prevent Betta Fish from Disappearing in the Tank

How to Prevent Betta Fish from Disappearing in the Tank?

The causes of the disappearing Betta fish have been discussed earlier, and you might be wondering, “Well, how can I prevent these things from happening?” hence why we are presenting you the solutions on which you will be able to save your fish from greater dangers.

First, make sure you make the aquarium environment highly familiar and filled with compatible sea life. Thus, with the correct companions, it will quickly adjust to the new environment.

Ensure that you run a big background check on the fish, considering the past nemesis of the fish, as the threats could be decreased through that. It would help if you never paired a predator and prey (an alpha and a beta) in the same aquarium, as it would be a death trap to the prey.

Moreover, make sure you also keep a good eye on the subject’s health.

Furthermore, ensure you have covered the top of the tank with a fair covering, as these fish can jump very high, which could sometimes disappear as they have jumped off the tank. Moreover, the fish could survive a surprising time without water, making the outside a safe zone for the fish for a little bit of time.

Is It Normal for Betta Fish to Hide All Day?

If you seem to notice the fish hiding around even after it got used to the current environment and even after you supplied it with the necessary need, it could just be the fish’s personality.

However, that case moves to a newer direction if the fish hide for a whole day without evidence of clear vision. Thus this is not a normal behavior to which you must pay attention.

There can be bigger problems within the tank or even outside that tank that make the fish behave this way. The worst-case scenario is the death of the fish.

Do Betta Fish Bury Themselves?

As we have discovered the normality and the abnormality within the personality of the Betta fish, it is now time to see whether they bury themselves.

They bury themselves quite literally, not much underground, but underneath rocks and corals according to how you have designed your little aquarium.

This could also be a normality of their routine and an abnormality depending on their environmental and current living conditions.

However, burying under rocks is most often regarded as self-defense to fight against the predators in the anatomy of life as sea creatures.

Do Betta Fish Hide When They Are Dying?

The death of your Betta fish will be a devastating issue in which you will become a Witness to a live death within several days. Thus it will be a painful sign to watch no matter what you do. However, we cannot consider the behavior of the dying fish as hiding as the fish will not have enough strength to hide if he is near the death bed.

Instead, he will lie at the bottom of your aquarium in complete silence without any significant movement. Your fish’s fins will get destroyed within days, and it will look like a dead fish no matter how much you try to take it to swim through the tank.

Thus the best thing you can do is take the fish out and place it in several bowls in the freezer to ease its pain.

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