How Often should I Feed My Clownfish? Maintaining a Healthy Diet!

If you are a fish lover, you surely desire to add a clownfish to your collection. Their vivid color combination makes your fish tank more attractive. Anyways, if you hope to adopt a clownfish, you have to pay attention to its maintenance keenly because it is a fish in saltwater. When it comes to its feeding, you might have this doubt.

How often should I feed my clownfish? In fact, clownfish’s dietary need is pretty complex. Today, we will be discussing the frequency of feeding your clownfish in this blog post. Thus, keep reading before you feed your cute pet, clownfish.

How Often should I Feed My Clownfish? 

You are advised to feed clownfish three times a day. You can follow a schedule to feed them in a balanced way. Feed them 2 to 3 pellets in the morning and evening.

If the fish seems starving, you can feed 1 to 2 pellets at night. If you feed your clownfish flakes of fish food, 3 to 4 flakes will be enough per day. On treat days, you can feed them 2 to 3 pellets in the morning and 2 to 3 bites of extra food in the evening.

Here, you can feed live food or vegetables as extra food. You can cut them into bite-sized chunks similar to the size of pellets.

Remember that you should schedule a treat day twice a week. And please do not feed them once; you need to feed them two or three times a day separately.

How Long Can Clownfish Go without Food? 

Maximumly, clownfish can live for up to 7 days without food. Depending on the health conditions of each, this time can vary. However, you are not recommended to test this out because some clownfish may not bear it.

If there is no way to feed them for a few days, they will be alive. But make sure to feed them as soon as you can. And if you want to see a healthy clownfish, nutritious food is a must. Moreover, you need to care about some other factors to save your pet’s life, such as the quality of water.

Can Overfeeding Harm Clownfish? 

Yes, of course, you should not overfeed your clownfish, although they seem very hungry always. The reason why, they will suffer from some health issues, including obesity.

They always try to grab the food, but overfeeding eventually harms your clownfish. If they become ill, you have to treat them without delay to save their life. Therefore, it is vital to follow a schedule regularly, as we described above.

How Do I Avoid Overfeeding Clownfish? 

The best practice would be following a schedule. If you put pellets or flakes once per day, they eat them at once. Suppose you put the pellets into the tank in the morning. Then they will eat all the food at once and seem hungry in the evening.

Then you might feed them again. If you feed them at regular intervals of the day, you will not make that mistake. Especially if you have only one or two clownfish, you need to pay attention to the amount you feed them.

What is the Clownfish’s Favorite Food

What is the Clownfish’s Favorite Food? 

Since clownfish are saltwater fish, they love to eat zooplankton like copepods. When you nurture them in a tank, you can feed them algae or live food, such as shrimp, to make your pet happy.

Indeed, they are not a type of picky fish; they consume any kind of fish food. In general, saltwater fish do not like to eat flakes, but it is not a problem for clownfish. And make sure to add a variety to your fish’s diet at least twice a week.

You can easily add some vegetables like spinach. Then, it can get enough nutrients to maintain good health.

How Much Do you Feed Clownfish? 

If you hope to feed clownfish pellets, 6 to 8 pellets will be enough. But in case you feed them flakes, feed them only 3 to 4 flakes. On treat days, you should feed clownfish 4 to 6 pellets per day. But it would be better to feed them some live food or vegetables in bite-sized chunks on treat day.

Since they are omnivorous, you have the responsibility to fulfill their nutrient requirement regularly. As live food, you can feed them krill, Mysis and shrimp in small species. For vegetables, you can use spinach or nori. However, you should not overfeed your clownfish because it can harm the fish.

Is It Okay to Feed Clownfish Every Other Day? 

As a general recommendation, it would be better to feed them every single day then they can stay active. When you want to add something different from the regular meal plan, it is suitable to do it every other day.

But if you are unable to feed them every day, it is possible to put their food in the tank every other day because they can survive. Then, it is okay to include one more pellet or flake in your fish’s diet. Again, you are reminded to give them 2 or 3 separate meals, especially if you feed them every other day because they will not save some food to eat later.

Do Clownfish Eat Flakes? 

Yes, it is possible to feed them flakes of fish food. Normally, saltwater fish refuse to eat flakes of fish food. But if you adopt a clownfish, it will not be a problem because they eat flakes.

There are numerous types of flakes in the market under different brand names. Some of them, like TetraMarine, have been specifically made for saltwater fish. Thus, you are able to choose one that is suitable for your pet.

Anyways, clownfish love to eat different kinds of food. So, remember to put some vegetables or live food too.


You should feed your clownfish 2 to 3 times a day in proper portions. They love to eat a variety of food, so you need to maintain some special treat days by adding some vegetables and live food to their diet. Luckily, they are not picky fish, so they eat even flakes, although clownfish usually live in saltwater.

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