Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: The Best Study In 2022

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix


Crossbreeding a Maine coon with a Russian-blue cat is how you get the Maine coon Russian mix cats. They are crossed to get the best of both parents’ 50 per cent traits. They love being outside and are independent cats. They get along well with their owners and the other house members. The Maine coon cat’s lifespan is shorter than that of the Russian cats. Maine coon Russian Blue mix cats need low to moderate care. Because of their intelligence, these cats are very easy to train. These cats are great with children and pets.

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Rarely will you find a mixed cat that is a Russian Blue and Maine Coon Mix? Having a Russian-blue Maine Coon Mix Cat in your home would be fantastic. What are the Russian blue Maine Coon Mix Cats like? You can find mixed breeds of Russian Blue and Maine Coon cats everywhere.

Rarely are Russian blues crossbred with Maine coons, and most of the time, the mix is an accident. The Russian blue Maine Coon Mix is a blessing in disguise, and it has very few traits of both breeds. The crossbreed Maine coon mix will be smaller than the pure-breed Maine coon, but it will still have all the cuteness of both cats.


Maine Coon Russian Blue Cat Mix Personality

The Maine coon Russian Blue mix cats are playful, loving, and energetic. These cats are just as intelligent as their parent breeds. They are a joy to be around. They form a strong bond with their owners. These cats will wait patiently for you when you’re away. These mixed cats do not like to play with other cats. The Maine coon Russian-blue mixed cats love to spend time with their owners and enjoy each other’s company. They are considered to be one of the best companions for cats. They are easy to train. They shed from low to moderate amounts.

Maine coon Cat

Russian blue Maine Coon is a rare crossbreed that you might find if you’re willing to look for it. These cats are rare but not impossible to find.

They are not meant to be mixed and bred together, so even if they do, it is likely to be a mistake. Regardless of their origin, these mixed breeds are some of the most beautiful and unique cats you can have in your home.

These crossbreeds will be friendly and gentle, with the characteristics of two great house cats. If you can find them quickly without looking, you’re lucky.

Crossbreeding is not something that breeders prefer to do. The Russian blue Maine coon mixture is a stunning creation, whether intentionally or not.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat Lifespan

The Maine coon Russian Blue mixed cats enjoy a social life. Hybrid cats have a longer life expectancy than other mixed cats. Their life expectancy can range from 9 to 20 years. Although these cats are generally healthy, they can have health problems. They are most commonly affected by hip dysplasia and urinary tract infections. These diseases could be caused by poor nutrition and care. Their healthy life expectancy is directly related to their diet. Owners of Maine coon Russian mix cats should know that food is crucial for their health.

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Maine Coon And Russian Blue Cat Price

Independent cats, the Maine coon Russian Blue mix cats are. These cats are usually more expensive than giant cats. If purchased from a trusted breeder, their price ranges from 1000 to 2000 dollars. These cats are cheaper if purchased from a rescue centre or shelter home. The kittens are often less expensive than the adult cats, costing anywhere from 800 to 1500 dollars. They are not available at all adoption spots. Because of their low shed rate, you might need to spend some time grooming them after they are purchased.


Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Appearance

The apparent differences between the cats’ genes were passed on to their offspring.


One thing is sure about the mix: the variations in lengths from the pure breed. The Maine Coon is more prominent, with an average length of around 30-40 inches. However, the Russian Blue has a shorter average length, between 15-18 inches.

Their mix will likely be smaller than Maine Coon, but slightly larger than Russian Blue. You will find a bit of each cat in your cat.

Your cat will be approximately the same size as other house cats and probably weigh around 10 pounds.

Eye Color

These cats may have different eye colors, whether blue, green, or even gold. You will most commonly see green eyes with a yellow border, which can vary depending on which gene is dominant.


If your mixed breed demonstrates more Russian Blue than Maine Coon, they will have a slim, muscular, yet slender body and a smiley face.

Also, if your cat’s color is more Maine Coon or Russian Blue, it will likely be more extensive than standard Russian Blue and probably have a long tail.

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The mix of Maine Coon and Russian blue cats will have a different coat depending on how many of each cat has.

If your cat is more Russian-blue than a Maine coon, you will see a two-layered bluish greyish coat with shorter hairs.

However, if your cat’s fur is longer than the Russian blue, it probably has the Maine Coon’s long hair.

The coat’s colour can vary between white, cream, and brown, as well as black and different shades of blue and grey. Regardless of the hair length or colour, the coat will still have a silky soft, and velvety texture.

Both cat breeds have silky, shiny, soft coats. Crossbred cats are no different.

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Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Pet Grooming

If your cat exhibits more Maine coon and has longer fur, the grooming method should be the same as for a pure breed.

Grooming is easy as long as the mixed breeds are short and have the Russian blue traits.

The same basic grooming techniques can be used for house cats as they would. You won’t have any problems and will be able to use all of the techniques that you know.

Even if your cat is a novice, you should be able to identify the characteristics of your cat and compare them with other cat breeds. Use the best grooming method for a crossbreed cat.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat Character

These cats are sweet and gentle, but Maine coon prefers to be social while Russian Blue is averse to socialization.

It all depends on what traits the cats need to develop. Your cat will show more Maine coon than Russian Blue and be shy around strangers.

If your cat is more Maine-loving, it will be happy and friendly. Both cats are indoor cats, so their offspring will be more inclined to love an indoor environment.

Maine coons are loud but have a sweet, soft voice. If your cat is loud and talking, it could be displaying its Maine coon side.

They are more Russian-blue if they are calm, peaceful, and have soft voices when they speak.

When your kitten is just a kitten of a mixed-breed litter, it’s impossible to predict what it will look like. You’ll be able to tell when they grow up and show signs.

You’ll always have an affectionate, loving, and friendly cat.

If you have an allergy to cats, this breed is not recommended. The Maine coon, a long-haired cat with high glycoprotein Fel d1, is hypoallergic to Russian Blue.

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They are both independent cats, so their offspring will not be dependent on them. This mixed-breed cat is playful and active and will get along with dogs and children.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Exercise and Training

Maine Coon can be trained quickly and has been known to pick up skills similar to dogs. Russian Blue, an intelligent, curious, innovative, and easy-to-train cat, is similar. Learn training tips to Russian Blue.

Teaching your crossbreed kitten to use the litterbox or to eat their food won’t be necessary.

This is not an easy task; they will soon catch up if you are patient and teach them as much as possible.

Maine coons love to jump, and Russian Blue loves bookshelves. They’ll likely do all the jumping if you allow your crossbreed enough room.

These cats may also enjoy going for walks once in a while and playing Run and Fetch along with you. How quickly you teach them is crucial in training and learning.

You’ll be able to have an active, playful, and healthy cat if you start early. Lucky!

What Does a Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Price?

Although this cat may be a crossbreed, they are scarce and difficult to find. And they might not be as affordable as other crossbreeds.

The breeders and locations of the animals will determine the price.

You can adopt a crossbreed at no cost from many sites and adoption centres.

Are You a Russian Blue Maine Coon Cat Owner?

The Russian blue Maine coon mixture is an excellent choice if you are looking for a loving, affectionate house cat. This crossbreed works best in large houses with lots of space and family members. And don’t work well in smaller apartments.

If you’re looking for a lap pet that will sit beside you throughout the day, look elsewhere. Russian blue Maine coon mixes are playful, active, and, most importantly, independent.

Although they are indoor cats, they can freely roam the streets and calm their hunting instincts when allowed.

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If you are looking for a show cat who can participate in shows, this is not the one for you. The shows will not allow crossbreeding.

How to tell if your Maine Coon is a mix

Maine Coon cats are distinguished by their distinctive body shape and unique characteristics. They have long 40 inches or more bodies that are rectangular-shaped and huge paws that can sometimes have an extra toe. Their paws are covered in fur, and their ears have hair at the tips.

The above traits can be found in Maine Coons mixed with other breeds, confusingly. Since the differences between purebreds and mixed breeds are so subtle, it is difficult to determine if your cat has a mix.

Purebreds will naturally have all the physical characteristics unique to Maine Coons, while mixed breeds will often have some or all of these traits. One sign your cookie may be a mixed breed is their smaller size than a purebred.

Size Variance

The Maine Coon is a large cat. They can weigh as much as 25 lbs, which is not due to being overweight. Their body mass is evenly distributed throughout their body, and their tails can reach up to 16 inches. They will grow less quickly if they come from mixed lines than purebreds.

Purebred cats can grow up to five years before reaching full maturity, and mixed-breed cats usually reach their full potential around two years.


Other Variances

Because Coons come in a range of patterns and colours and patterns, relying solely on pattern or colour to determine half or full breeding cannot be a reliable way to determine the breed; however, their coats could provide other clues about whether your Maine Coon pet is a pure or mixed breed.

Purebred coons are adorned with hair ruffs that can be seen on their necks. They’re made for cold Maine winters, and their coats look as if they were designed to withstand the frigid winters. They sport thick undercoats and light, fluffy coats, which tend to be medium-length or long-haired.

Super soft tails filled with. They do shed their winter coats. However, even with an edgier spring coat, they’re gorgeous and fluffy. Sometimes when they crossbreed with other breeds, they shed some of their fluffy coats and distinctive characteristics like the neck ruff.

Final Thoughts on Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

When you choose Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat, You are riding along. It’s similar to having two cats with a couple of distinct characteristics from each breed. They’ll cost you much less than pure breeds with pedigree.

However, you must be sure to maintain the same standard of care, and, sometimes, even higher due to the problems they could suffer from their genes. Overall, it’s an ideal dream that can be realized because Russian Blue and Maine coon are beautiful cats with adorable kittens. Most adorable. Be positive and keep an eye out for positive aspects of every aspect.

I hope this was helpful to get deep information about the Russian blue Maine coon mix cat breed. Thank you for reading.

FAQ Section

1. How big do Russian Maine Coons get?

Male Maine Coons size to be between 12-18 pounds, with an average length of 19-30 inches. Female Maine Coons size would be between 8-12 pounds, but roughly the same average length.

2. What is the rarest color of a Maine Coon cat?

While silver and gold Maine Coons are the rarest, a specific type of orange Maine Coon may also be fairly rare. Obtaining an orange tabby Maine Coon is relatively easy, but finding a solid orange Maine Coon is considerably more difficult.

3. Russian Maine coon vs American Maine coon

American Maine Coons are Maine Coon cats that were bred in the continental United States, whereas European Maine Coons were produced in Europe, mostly in the United Kingdom and Russia.

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